Blood Testing

The Benefits of: Blood Testing

Blood Testing

Blood testing holds the secret to creating massive change in the way your body responds to stress, exercise, and recovery. In addition, blood testing can uncover vital information about your body; no matter who you are, athlete or not. By getting the hard facts about ones health and nutrient intake they are now able to fill in the gaps that otherwise would not have been obvious.

In short, it will provide a 10-30% increase in performance within weeks after filling in the nutrient gaps and removing any food that is causing minor or sometimes major sensitivity reactions.



  1. you could be allergic to various foods and not even know it.

  2. to help fix inflammation, headaches, or fatigue caused by having unknown allergies to foods you eat.

  3. to improve athletic performance and recovery by discarding foods causing unnecessary stress on the body.



  • elevated fitness potential

  • increased performance

  • decreased daily fatigue

  • faster recovery

  • decreased daily inflammation

  • improved mental function

  • decreased stress levels



  1. you could be deficient in vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, or even amino acids and not even know it.

  2. changing your fitness game completely by balancing your nutrient profile.

  3. help fix problems with fatigue, headaches, soreness, recovery, performance output, or body transformation.

  4. help your body function like it should by completing your nutrient profile.



  • improved muscle growth rate

  • increased performance output

  • decreased daily fatigue

  • heightened mental alertness

  • improved memory retention

  • improved mental clarity

  • improved joint health

  • increased energy levels

  • proper protection from illness and disease



Insurance Secret: Most of the time, medical insurance will cover the test. Check with your doctor, it is worth looking into.



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