Heart Rate (HR) Monitor

How to set-up: Heart Rate Monitor

  1. You pay for what you get, buy one that is at or above $110. Also, with heavy use (1-3hrs a day) they have a tendency to get worn out or stop working properly. If purchased at Sport Chalet, they offer a 1-year insurance plan for $20. It’s worth the money.

  2. Once you buy the correct unit, read the instructions on how to set up your user profile. Different watches will have different set-up instructions, but it will be very simple none-the-less.

  3.  Before using make sure to wet the chest strap and adjust it for a snug fit around your body. Now give it a try and test it out!

  4. Always remember after each use to stop the heart rate reading mode and separate the chest strap center unit (if applicable) so that it disengages and doesn't drain battery life.


Heart Rate Monitors are the key to obtaining superior fitness. They are very useful tools to understanding what the body is doing and give the user important information to adjust their workout and calorie intake accordingly. Without this data, many individuals become fatigued, over-trained, or mentally drained. That is why it is one of the best investments and learning tools that you can get for your fitness program.


*The Target Heart Rate Calculator listed hereof is not intended to replace professional advice based on your unique profile. Please seek medical advice before attempting exercise.


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