Juicing Tips

The benefits of: Juicing


Eating our daily fruits and vegetables is essential for everyone. Juicing provides a simple way to break down fruits and vegetables for easier edibility. By doing this, it is much easier to stay consistent.

Juicing also ensures that every workout counts! With the health you get from consuming fruits and vegetables regularly, your gains will be that much faster. Juicing will turn your body into a super-machine that is ready at all times for exercise! You will feel abnormally normal and enduring; something that everyone is looking for through fitness alone but can only be first achieved through high amounts of nutrient intake.

Juicing Tips:

Juicer type -

use one that discards the tailings, it is very hard to drink when everything is blended together. You may be able to take it down a few times but eventually it will be very difficult to stay consistent. All-Body recommends using a masticating cold press juicer to retain the highest amount of nutrient value.


Basic mixing ratios -

keep it 1/3 fruit to 2/3 vegetables. You do not want to consume too much sugar at one time for it will create a load on the body.

Stick to more vegetables than fruits, always.

Juicing don'ts -

do not juice the same fruits and vegetables everyday. You can actually overtime begin building sensitivity towards what you are juicing.

If you still want to juice daily, that is GREAT! But make sure to rotate between days with a different group of fruits and vegetables for that day.

Do with tailings -

There are a few things you can do with the tailings:

  1. Eat them!! They still hold a lot of nutrients and healthy digestive fiber.

    There are also many great recipes online for healthy baking, soups, salads, etc. you can basically sprinkle it on any meal throughout the day for an extra healthy choice.

  2. Put them in your garden or plants. It makes for a great fertilizer and will give you back those nutrients later when you harvest your garden's fruits and vegetables.


Recipes -

There are numerous sources online for juicing recipes. Have fun and explore!

Here are a few we recommend:


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  1. to help joint pain

  2. to aid sleep insomnia

  3. to improve specific adaptations to imposed demands (SAID Principle)

  4. to increase energy levels

  5. to decrease recovery times

  6. to take on more exercise load

  7. to reduce stress levels significantly

  8. to improve heart to lung function & health

  9. to decrease inflammation

  10. to fight off oxidative stress from free radical formations


  • improved cardiovascular function

  • increased lactic acid threshold

  • increased mental awareness

  • decreased post-workout inflammation

  • improved weight management

  • faster recovery

  • increased lifespan

  • improved memory retention

  • improved sleeping/waking ability

  • improved joint health

  • improved mental health

  • increased protection from all cancer, illness, & disease


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