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Common problems and solutions:


Joint pain can be associated with many common mistakes people make that cause inflammation to the area and fatigue to the surrounding tissues. The best solution is to keep things simple and focus on improving the biomechanic function of the joint.

These are the 5 essentials to aid in proper joint function:

  1. Flexibility -

    this releases abnormal tension on the joint to allow for proper biomechanic function. It really helps.

  2. Movement -

    Keep it moving!! Your cartilage does not lubricate itself! The only way to distribute synovial fluid is to MOVE. This will also help keep a smoother gliding surface within the joint capsule. In addition, your body does not adapt until it is mildly stressed consistently.

  3. Strength -

    having great strength without control is what damages our joints. As you increase your strength you must also increase your control of that strength in order to maintain joint stability. This is done through balancing exercises targeted to encapsulate moving forces upon the body to the working muscles and not to the joints.

    It is also important to build strength in order to have greater joint stability. Muscle tissue helps protect and secure joints. Therefore, be focused on obtaining sufficient strength to combat joint instability.

  4. Less abrupt stress -

    protect your body from abrupt and stressful situations that put unnecessary force on your joints. Such as running, jumping, or other high impact activities. These are all good for exercise and can be done properly without causing more damage, however they must be done in a gradual manner as to allow for sufficient adaptations to occur. Any abrupt activity that you are not truly ready for will cause damage.

  5. Rest -

    include in your weekly regimen adequate days of rest and recovery. Without this extra time, the body tends to get over worked and over trained to the point where your joints, muscles, tendons, and bones begin breaking down instead of building up.

Shin splints are the result of having fatigued shin muscles, surrounding tendons, or bone tissue that is responsible for the flexion of the ankle joint. It can be caused when there is repetitive stress, abnormal movement, or an imbalance of strength between the shin muscle and the calf muscle. This can overwork and fatigue the area resulting in the pain that we call shin splints.

Fixing this problem can be done through these 4 steps:

  1. Shoes

    evaluate and test different shoe types

  2. Balance

    balancing muscle ratios of the leg

  3. Flexibility

    improving flexibility

  4. Adapt

    slowly adapting to the correct form and function of your activity

If you sit or stand for extended periods of time during the day it can cause your lower lumbar muscles to fatigue and relax resulting in increased pressure being applied to your spine. In addition, this will eventually begin causing degeneration of the disks and inflamed areas of the spine.

The best remedy for back pain is as follows:

  1. Mattress

    Make sure that your mattress has the correct stiffness and support, otherwise buy one that does, immediately! We recommend the Sleep Number memory foam mattress that is adjustable. It makes a big difference and is worth every dollar.

  2. Flexibility

    Start stretching your legs. Everything below your back specifically your legs, affect the movement and position of your spine. Abnormal stiffness can pull and prevent the natural rotation of your hips as you walk, run, stand, etc. causing constant pressure being applied to your spine.

  3. Strength

    Strengthen your core, abs, and lumbar muscles. This will better support the spine and absorb some of the pressure, while giving it rest and decreasing inflammation.


This can be caused by having a vitamin or mineral deficiency. If you suffer from this regularly, try juicing twice per day for 1 week to see if you improve. If not, getting a blood test will guarantee to help. You will be able to supplement yourself of what your diet is lacking, giving you a completed nutrient profile.

In addition, try taking zinc, calcium, or magnesium before bed (these are natural muscle relaxants). We recommend a natural product by Metagenics called Myocalm PM. This has natural herbs like lemon balm and passion flower, it also has calcium and magnesium all in one small pill.

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Headaches can be caused by having an intolerance to various foods, chemicals, or preservatives. We recommend cutting out all gluten & dairy products to test if that is the cause. Finally, getting a blood test will guarantee to inform you about foods you could be consuming that are causing a variety of problems.

Low energy can be caused from low calorie intake, consumption of poor quality foods, or lack of sleep. We recommend getting more sleep, investing in a professional diet plan, and selecting more fruits and vegetables for your calorie intake.

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Being overweight is the result of having a slow metabolic rate in relation to a high caloric intake. In order to reverse this you must start by consuming a proper ratio of fat-protein-carbs.

Now that you are eating right, any excess fat storage must be burned away through exercise. Every pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. Therefore, it must be consumed by the body through an increase in metabolic rate by building muscle and increasing cardiovascular exercise.

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